Driving lessons South West London

Learning to drive is a lot easier if you are familiar with the roads you are driving on. You should also have experienced the test routes at you local South West London test centres before going on test. All the instructors at Walkers work locally to their homes and hence are familiar with the test routes at their local test centres and can help you with potentially tricky Junctions and roundabouts, which you might encounter whilst driving. Often the benefit of having some local knowledge can really save you a lot of confusion.

Learning to drive in South West London will mean you are likely to take your test at either Mitcham, Sutton, Morden or Tolworth. You will need to familiarize yourself with different kinds of driving around these test centres, from city driving to dual carriageways. The driving instructors at Walkers School of Motoring will instruct you in all the necessary levels of driving.



 driving school South West London

At Walkers School of Motoring all our instructors teaching in South West London will pick you up from home and teach you at an appropriate level depending on your ability. If you are a complete beginner you will be taken to some suitably quiet roads where you will learn the basics of controlling a vehicle. If you are more advanced the instructor will assess your abilities and teach you at your level so that we can prepare for your driving test  and ensure you will be a safe a driver after you pass as well.

Our instructors in South West London cover most areas including : Streatham, Tooting, Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham, Brixton, Lambeth, Fullham and anywhere with an SW postcode! We also Cover Bromley, Croydon Lessons are also available in South East and North London and our areas are continuously expanding so call us to find out if we teach near you!

You can choose from both Manual and Automatic in South West London as we have a large team of local instructors covering both types of transmission. We also have male and female instructors to suit your preference. All our instructors are DSA registered instructors and together they have a wealth of experience to help you learn to drive safely for the rest of your life as well as pass your test quickly and with a high success rate.

Even if you are unhappy with the allocated instructor as there always clashes of personality just call our friendly staff who will transfer you to different instructor with zero fuss and bother.

All our driving lessons are door to door, so you will be picked up from your home and learn to drive in areas that are familiar to you and on roads that you will likely drive on by yourself once you have a full license.

So , if you live in South West London learn to drive with Walkers School of Motoring, our instructors are second to none, they have  a wealth of local knowledge and will help you pass you test quickly and safely!