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Crash courses

Crash courses can be anywhere between 10 and 40 lessons and are done intensively over 3-10 days. The courses conclude with a test at the end, and even if you should be unlucky and fail your test Walkers School of motoring will pay for your next test fee in most cases.

Intensive courses or crash courses are not recommended for beginners. The coordination’s required to control a vehicle cannot be learnt intensively. Learning to drive is an alien coordination for most people and the early stages should not be rushed. Time should be allowec for the fundamental concepts to sink in and for that reason we do not offer intensive courses to complete beginners. If you are a beginner and would still like to go on an intensive course you will have to complete at least 10 lessons with 2-3 lessons per week before you can be considered for an intensive.


 intensive driving courses

An intensive driving course could be the best and quickest way for you to learn to drive. The intensive course allows you to have a lot of lessons very close together which in some cases can be better than having lessons once or twice a week. The advantages of this are that the lessons are close together so you may be able to pick it up quicker. Also as there won’t be a long period of time between the lessons you would be less likely to forget what you have learnt.

 The way intensive courses work are simple. To do an intensive course you would be required to know the basics of driving as the courses are not suitable for beginners.  You have an assessment with an instructor, who will assess your driving and advise you which course is suitable for you. You will book the intensive course on and around your test date. Ideally this will be the days leading up to your test date so that the intensive course lessons are fresh in your mind.

 There are a few things you need to make sure of before you think about taking an intensive course. First of all you must have your provisional UK licence the ID card and the counterpart. This can be obtained by collecting a form from the post office and paying a fee. You also would have to have passed you theory test. The reason for this is that your test will be at the end of your intensive course and you will need your theory certificate to be able to take that.

Intensives courses (sometime know as crash courses) are a quick way of learning , however the driving test needs to be booked in advance. The lessons are then scheduled around the test. When you go on a crash course or an intensive course you will be drive between 3-5 hours per day, so make sure you are focused as this level of concentration requires good mental stamina.

When you sign up for a crash course at Walkers school of Motoring you are required to go on an assessment lesson first. This allows the instructor to establish whether an intensive course is suitable and if so how many lessons you would need for your intensive crash course.

So if you would like to book your assessment lesson for an intensive crash course then call Walkers straight away. We have plenty of availability and you could be on the road and be driving within a few weeks!